Saturday, October 16, 2010

Photos of My Leg

If you have been following me on FaceBook or Nick's Bytes, then you know that my left leg has cellulitis.

My MD was here this afternoon. He said the healing of my leg is going well. He said it's a serious infection and doesn't go away after a few days. He'll be back to check on me next week, I am to:
  • Continue taking amox-clav tablets: I have 6 days more of them
  • Walk to increase circulation but not so much as to cause pain
  • Keep leg elevated.
  • Put heating pad on it. (I believe I have a couple heating pads, but have yet to find them).
  • Take ibuprofen tablets for up; it need be, increase total dosage from 4800 mg per day to 5400 mg per day.
  • Telephone him if I observe any regression (other than more swelling, which I can expect).
Today Tonay took some photos of my leg that I share below. I share them below. They are not pretty.


Lynilu said...

Oh, Nick, that looks painful! I'm glad it is healing. Take care!

Granny said...

That's awful.

Ricardo said...

My goodness that looks bad. I'm glad to hear that Ypur doctor thinks it's healing well. This does not look like a fun ordeal at all. Hang in there and get well soon.